Welcome to all visitor, I’m Sonia , I’m married and I have two children. I am a milanese ¬†with the passion of travel and fashion.

I love Milan, with its merits and its defects. Together with my husband I have traveled a lot, but Milan, for me, always has its charm.

Travelling to Milan” wants to be a tourism blog to be able to give to tourists, attracted by the charm of the great Milan, the information that I would like to have every time undertake my travels .

The blog also tells about the curiosities and legends that the great busy city hides its palaces and its churches, unpublished short stories about the characters who lived it.

They are well accepted by the readers, new stories and curiosities of Milan, which the blog does not contain, in order to make it more interesting and captivating journey, for the thousands of tourists who come to visit our great Milan.

Thanks for visiting my blog …. have a good trip!!!



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