Monumental Cemetery

The Monumental Cemetery is an open air museum.

Within this space there are tombs, statues, and tombstones of the milanese distinguished, while under the octagonal dome is the monument of the tomb of Alessandro Manzoni. Along the main path that runs through the cemetery you will find the Ossuary and the Temple of the Crematorium. Tombs, shrines, and sculptures constitute an extraordinary repertoire of artistic history from the late Nineteenth century to the contemporary. It hosts events and exhibitions and can be visited on a guided tour. Like every city, Milan has a great cemetery, but the Cemetery is nothing short of spectacular. It is a real ‘city of the dead’, is a place where the history of Milan, lives on through the tombs and the statues of its most famous residents.

The Monumental Cemetery, called “the museum under the open sky”, even if you’re not a fan of the dark, you can admire true works of art, walking among the tombs of famous historical figures in italy. Definitely turning the alleys, the atmosphere might be a bit disturbing but I assure you that is an experience. If you want you can also participate in organized tours free of charge.                   Stop underground: Garibaldi                            

(tour organizzati gratuite)


monumentale statue

Stop underground:  Garibaldi


1)The cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
2)Teatro alla Scala
3)The Quadrilater of Fashion District
4)The Last Supper and Santa Maria delle Grazie Church
5)The Sforzesco Castle
6)Brera District
7)The Art Gallery Pinacoteca and the  Brera Accademy
8)The Porta Nuova skyscraper
9)The Navigli canals
19)The Monumental Cemetery

11) Around the churches


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