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“Milan is a discordant and chaotic city, which has nothing in common with the timeless elegance of Florence, or the magic of the history of Rome.” LIE!!
Milan is a city of impressive how much hidden charm, with small unexplored, hidden gems in its most discreet way, in the courtyards of old buildings, where they hatch wonderful green oasis and ancient palaces of railing, Milan typical houses.
Milan can amaze for its works of art and architecture, without considering the many cultural activities and events that fill its buildings. It ‘a city almost sullen at first, with its contradictions and its busy life, but ultimately hard to forget.

Between the old and the new advances, here are the necessary stop for a discovery of the city in the round: in this section you will find the must-see places in MILANO!, our hidden gems , off the beaten path which you will never forget:


1)The cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
2)Teatro alla Scala
3)The Quadrilater of Fashion District
4)The Last Supper and Santa Maria delle Grazie Church
5)The Sforzesco Castle
6)Brera District
7)The Art Gallery Pinacoteca and the  Brera Accademy
8)The Porta Nuova skyscraper
9)The Navigli canals
10)The Monumental Cemetery

11) Around the churches
Also do not forget that Milan every 1st Sunday of the month, you can access municipal museums free of charge (gratuitamente).

To see all of this , I suggest at least a weekend and if there is one thing that is not lacking in Milan are the hotels or the hundreds of holiday homes. I suggest you the following links:

apartments in the Brera district.

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