Daily tours less than 1 hour far away from Milan


For people who want to do some “tour outside Milan“, only 50/80 kilometers far away from Milan, there are plentyes of choices. By choosing the desired time you can make fantastic trips (gite fantastiche)

Below you will find a selection of destinations, remaining in Lombardy region (regione lombardia). If you do not have the car you can opt for a rent car service with driver, nice and confortable , read our suggests.

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Here below You will also find the typical local dishes depending on the location you will choose for your culinary break.


Abbiategrasso is 30 Km far away from Milan and 5 km from Abbiategrasso you will find the fantastic Morimondo Village. The entire history of this country turn around the fortunes of the Abbey, where the monks of the Cistercian order. The Morimondo Abbey is a must to visit. This is one of the Sunday trip for people from Milan (milanesi), who can choose between different paths between the campaigns coming up the River on foot or through the many cycle paths. Morimondo held several events throughout the year: concerts, exhibitions, exhibition of Nativity scenes at Christmas time. If you find yourself in the neighborhood in August, you can’t beat the local Festival. Morimondo on this occasion comes alive with exhibitions and events.

The typical dishes of this area are:

cheese, sausage (sausage), risotto


Lovers of architecture can not miss one of the first examples of gothic architecture in Italy, the Abbey of Clairvaux. The Abbey dates back to 1134 and  soon became the heart of the village, around which revolved the life of the village. Still today exudes this charm and atmosphere that is inherent between history and spirituality.

If you want to make a snack, in this area there are certainly very good products: cheese and  sausages

MONZA/BRIANZA: the majestic Park and the Villa Reale


Surrounded by the woods of the Ticino Park, just 30 kilometers far away from Milan, Vigevano welcomes visitors showing its impressive Piazza Ducale. Designed by Bramante with the help of Leonardo da Vinci, Piazza Ducale is the entrance of honor to the imposing Castle, by extension one of the largest in Europe. City of art but also a city of water, Vigevano is crossed by canals and the river Ticino offers natural landscapes and oases of indescribable beauty.

If you want to take a culinary break and sit out at the many restaurants and bars around the Piazza Ducale you can choose between the typical dishes:

The Strangolapreti, polenta and braised or simply a sandwich with tasty local salami.


Crema is a delightful town with many medieval and Renaissance testimonies, from the Romanesque to the Gothic cathedral Santa Maria della Croce. It is nice and quite town.

One of the many typical  dishes of this village are:

tortelli Cremaschi (stuffed pasta) served with butter and sage


Even Lodi is a beautiful town to visit, it is a medieval village. In addition to the main square to visit there is the Civic Temple of the Blessed Virgin Crowned, the Gothic churches of St. Francis and of St. Agnes, the Cathedral and the romantic church of San Lorenzo.

Among the dishes belong to Lodi village are:

omelets, risottos and typical dessert the Tortionata (cake made with almonds and butter – ancient recipe)

Dishes to be tasted with a glass of wine produced in Lodi, the wine St. Columban.


Oltre Pò Pavese  is one of the three areas of the province of Pavia. A rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage especially with the evocative medieval villages, towers and castles. Among the vineyards of these hills they are produced wines with famous names and undisputed value.


Pavia is a city with its own charm. The historic center is animated especially by many young people who come to this beautiful city to study, being a university city Pavia. Just 8km from the center you can admire the Certosa di Pavia, building built by Gian Galeazzo Visconti, who began work in 1396, setting himself the first stone of the shipyard. The Certosa di Pavia is a historical monument which includes a monastery and a shrine. Go visit it, is absolutely worth it.

The most famous dish of this town is the Zuppa Pavese (Pavese soup) : soup made with broth, eggs and cheese


Another of the summer Sunday stages of people from Milan, is the left bank of the Ticino, with its cool waters. At the height of Bereguardo, it is the best spot for a dip or a swim. These beaches are a good idea for a picnic on a summer day, in order to feel at least for a day on holiday. Very characteristic to see is the bridge of boats.

The typical dishes of this area is:

Certosina risotto. And You will find many honey producers too, where to buy a delicious honey.


The Bergamo hills are very fascinating in both summer and winter. Winter tourism is very important for these hills, in fact in recent decades developed many ski resorts, including:

Val Brembana, Val Seriana and Valle Camonica.

Those are also the favorite destinations for “milanes” and “Bergamo” people  being only one hour away from their respective cities.


Bergamo is known for its international airport of Orio al Serio, but first of all is a marvel medieval town.

High Bergamo

High Bergamo is the high side of Bergamo. It is part of the five Italian cities (the others are: Padova, Ferrara, Lucca and Grosseto), whose old town is completely surrounded by walls . Walls of 5 km, which have retained their original appearance over the centuries.

Consider that these walls, have been recognized by the National Commission Unesco as a World Heritage Site

Inside the high walls of Bergamo we are still today boasts narrow streets with cobblestones and uphill, which waste the space-time dimension, seems to have dipped in a romantic village in central Italy, on the other hand we are in Bergamo just one hour from Milan. The city views are breathtaking high: vineyards, land plots and monasteries, are those things that make you fall in love the thousands of tourists who come to visit Bergamo.

One of the main typical dishes from Bergamo are:

The Bergamo Casoncelli

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